Product Specialist - Orthopaedic

- Working on market research for the whole product line.
- Maintain the product line.
- Support Sales, Marketing. 
- Collect marketing information for customized products, feedback and follow up the project.
- Deliver product training to internal & external customers.
- Own and maintain the cervical product line. Collect and feedback the market information. 
- Analyze the competitors’ product information. Set up an effective analysis channel, and can provide helpful opinion on product improvement.
- Set up product suites for sales. Read related paper and summarize academic instruction on products.
- Support sales visit customers on product introduction, and make solutions. Support marketing team to do events/activities, write articles, and participate product promotion events. 
- Update the training documents. Deliver the product introduction, promotion, and training to both internal and external customers.
- Manage the project on customized products and analyze the customers’ feedback.
- Bachelor degree or above
- Major in Clinical, biological, pharmaceutical, tissue engineering and other medical related.
- 3y+ experience in medical industry is preferred. Excellent fresh graduate is also considered.
- CET-4 or above. Good written and oral English communication. Be able to translate foreign profession literatures.
- Good ability in communication, execution, project coordination, planning, etc.
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Work: Zhangjiang,Shanghai
Number: 2