Machining Center Programming(CNC)

Working Responsibilities
- Responsible for the preparation of CNC programming production planning, new product trial program, tracking and confirmation to write CNC programs, feedback trial issues foun to the process and product development person.
- Implement CNC software management system、process management systems and equipment management system,instruct the operator to the proper use of numerical control equipment and product processing procedures.
- Preparation of CNC program,responsible for transmission, testing, commissioning ,documenting , archiving program.
- CNC4. program optimization, assist technology staff in the development of product CNC machining process, responsible for
CNC machining tooling design, non-standard tool design.
- Responsible for the training of professional skills of CNC operator.
- Responsible for archiving CNC program, Programming list.
- Responsible for verify and confirm the software.
Working Requirements
- College degree or above
- More than 2 years Heidenhain system for 5 axis machining center programming experience (DMG machine) 
- Familiar with the process, be able to read drawings. Master UG, CAD, CATIA software.

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