Orthopaedic Product Executive

Job Description
- Market research responsible for product line
- Product line maintenance and sales, marketing support
- Information collection, feedback and project tracking of customization tools
- Responsible for products in product lines internal and external training products product lines
Working Responsibilities
- Responsible for supporting the company's cervical product line, daily monitoring and tracking, maintenance, product information collection and feedback
- Established competitors relevant product information channels; daily and thematic products market,targeted advice to help make product improvements and updates
- Preparation of product sales kits; collect the contents of the relevant literature to guide product specialization.
- Improving and updating training materials, Internal and external product training, education and promotion
- Project management, promotion and post feedback analysis of Customization tools
Working Requirements
- Bachelor degree or above
- Clinical, biological, pharmaceutical, tissue engineering and other health-related professional background, more than three years of work experience medical industry, the quality of graduates were also excellent.
- CET-4 or above, fluent in English reading, writing and oral communication, able to read and translate foreign professional literature class
- Good communication skills, execution, project coordination, there is a clear plan and clarity.

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Work: Zhangjiang,Shanghai
Number: 2