“The Recruitment Program of Global Experts” Introduction

In December, 2008, the CPC Central Committee forwarded the opinion about “central personal work coordination group on the implementation of overseas high level talents introduction plan”. The plan to introduce overseas high-level talents (referred to as “The Recruitment Program of Global Experts”), it mainly centered on the target of the country development strategy. From 2008, it has spent 5-10 years in the national key innovative projects, key disciplines and laboratories, the central enterprises and state-owned commercial financial institutions and all kinds of the park which focusing on the high new technology industrial development zone. Introducing and putting the emphasis on supporting a number of strategic scientists and leaders who can break through key technologies, develop the high-tech industry ,driven by the emerging discipline to come back to the country to Innovate and entrepreneurs.

Introduction Of Director Liu

Dr. Mingyan Liu
Chief Scientist
The seventh instalment central innovation introduced expert of "The Recruitment Program of Global Experts" 

Dr. Mingyan Liu is holding the office of the chairman and chief scientist of Shanghai Sanyou Medical CO., LTD at present .In 1986, he achieved the engineering mechanics of materials in France. He served as the chief scientist and senior director of international R&D branch in the spine and biological materials business department of an international well-known enterprise.Dr. Liu has significant and excellent R&D and innovation strength in the department of product development field of orthopedics of spine, and he has achieve more than 150 America and international invention patents. He has a wealth of multinational team leadership and the experience of project management.

After returning back to China, in order to make Shanghai Sanyou Medical CO., LTD be a truly sustainable development enterprise which has the independent R&D and the innovation ability, Dr.Liu set up an international domestic R&D team, and founded the Tytus Tabs with advanced R&D management processes and systems. To provide a world-class R&D exchange platform for the majority of Chinese doctors.

Dr.Liu in Wen Wei Po

Dr. Mingyan Liu, the Chairman and the chief scientist of Shanghai Sanyou Medical CO., LTD. won the introduction expert of the seventh instalment of centre innovation “The Recruitment Program of Global Experts”. On Oct.8,2012, the correspondent of Wen Wei Po interviewed Dr. Liu and put the theme interview on the front page named ”To Straighten the Backbone”.The article expounded the initial dream and growth process of foundation of Sanyou through interviewing with Dr. Liu by the means of visiting the office of R&D, laboratory and specimen workshop.